Bluebeard is a two week prototype based off the French folktale of the same name. I updated the classic female cautionary tale by changing the setting to New York and turning the antagonist into a sociopathic, old money WASP.

Each play-through randomly generates a new heroine. While the outcome depends on the player's choices, it is partially random to simulate the lack of control victims have over dangerously abusive situations.

This game is far from done. There are lots of dangling ends and typos. I like the concept tho, so I might pick it up again!

The game was made with Twine 1 using the twinecery library:

Special thanks to Mathew Balousek for helping me troubleshoot!

All images come from the NYPL digital collections.

Made withTwine
TagsFairy Tale, Horror, Twine
Average sessionAbout an hour