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A surreal environmental puzzle game about a models disappearance.


Jenna Anne started her career as "Fashion's Freshest Face." 5 years later and she's no where to be found, not in editorials, not on runways, nowhere outside of her apartment.

You play Brynne, Jenna's closest friend and confidant. Jenna's secretive nature means that even you only have a vague idea of what's going on with her. You're still the only one with a copy of her key and after a strange burned note is shoved under your door, you know you need to help her.

This is an early demo of a game that is still very much in development. As a veteran puzzle gamer, I know I have a tendency to make my puzzles too difficult which is one of the main things I am working to remedy. There are also many bugs due to conflicts between the 2.5d environment and the touch screen.


The assets for this game come entirely from The Noun Project with a few exceptions.

Texts referenced are:

Poem # 825 by Emily Dickinson

Monkey and Bear - Joanna Newsom

Ishtar Awakens in Chicago -Mohja Kahf

Return Often and Take me by Constantine P. Cavafy


LoadedGun.apk 28 MB

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